We are a videography and digital media company specializing in digital video content and social media. Our creative, forward thinking team strives to go beyond your expectations in digital content. It is our goal to make your vision a reality by bringing you inspiring content that is cutting edge, compelling, and in-line with your branding, goals and values.

Our pricing largely depends on the nature, length, and scale of your project. We’d love to hear about any ideas you have in mind so please contact us and share.

Our team:

Alisha Randhawa

Alisha is an experienced content writer, videographer and digital storyteller. She has a diploma in Broadcast and Online Journalism from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and a BA in Political Science and English literature from the University of British Columbia.

Alisha has traveled throughout Canada to help tell and film stories about topics she’s passionate about including mental health, gender equity and multiculturalism. She’s also worked as a writer and editor in the UK as well as in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Alisha has developed a  keen sense for storytelling using film and digital media because she believes in the power of these mediums to help cross and bridge cultural divides.

In her free time, Alisha loves to cook, offer long unsolicited opinions on movies and TV shows, and travel anywhere without an itinerary.  Alisha is fluent in Punjabi, has a working knowledge of French and Hindi, and plays beach volleyball even when the rainy Vancouver weather tries to stop her.



Zack Singer

Zack is an accomplished videographer, photographer, musician and digital storyteller. He has a diploma in Broadcast and Online Journalism from the British Columbia Institute Technology and a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of British Columbia.

Zack has traveled throughout Canada to interview and film people for different causes including gender equity in sport, promoting youth sports, and reducing the stigma around addiction and mental illness. His passion for helping others tell their stories through a camera lens is matched by his ability to edit footage and music to create a compelling and polished final product.

In his spare time, Zack loves to make homemade artisan soap, paint, and travel anywhere that offers up a challenging and scenic hiking trail. He grew up in North Vancouver, Canada,  so he appreciates being close to the mountains and the ocean. In addition to being part of a band with his good friend Carly, Zack is also fluent in French and German.

Zack Singer

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